Mini Review // Mo’Joe Coffeehouse

Being a Northwest Indiana native, I haven’t done much to explore our state’s capitol, instead favoring the much closer and much bigger city of Chicago. However, on a recent weekend excursion to Indy, I took the opportunity to seek out at least one local coffee shop. Google was definitely my friend in this situation as I know next to nothing about the city, and Mo’Joe Coffeehouse was at the top of the list so I thought why not?

My boyfriend and I set out to find this place and get some much needed caffeine before making the trip back down to Bloomington for school. Mo’Joe is located in what seems to me to be a younger, up and coming neighborhood. The shop itself is nestled in a storefront, with tons of wide windows letting in natural light for people to read and work by. There’s ample seating from cozy seating areas to high pub-style tables meant for working. Even better, it boasts free wifi – a definite attraction for all the students in the area – and a menu of unique coffee creations.


A ton of their menu choices spoke to me, such as the Beehive (cinnamon and honey latte), but I eventually ordered the Möbius, an ‘upside-down vanilla latte with caramel.’ It was a pretty tame decision I know, but on that day playing it safe sounded good to me. One of the worst things is embarking on a car trip with a drink you don’t like but feel obligated to finish because it’s all you have. However after drinking the Möbius I’m itching to go back and try all the other drinks that looked interesting.  The latte itself was pretty standard, but what felt unique to me was the fact that the caramel and vanilla flavors tasted natural and did not overpower each other or the coffee flavor. It’s very easy to go too heavy on either one of those components but the baristas at Mo’Joe clearly know how to balance flavors.

My biggest complaint about my visit to Mo’Joe coffeehouse is that I didn’t have more time to sit back and enjoy the ambiance and unique drinks. If I was a student in Indy I have a feeling I would quickly become a regular. As it is now, Mo’Joe is firmly on my list of coffeehouses I need to revisit and thoroughly explore.

Mo’Joe Coffeehouse
222 W. Michigan Street // Indianapolis, IN
Facebook // Store Website


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