Uel Zing cold brew: caffeinated and ready to go.

Now that I’ve moved back to Bloomington, IN, for my final year of university, it’s about time I start trying all of the local coffee available to me as I continue to live and study here. My first encounter happened purely out of luck, as a friend offered me a bottle of Uel Zing Cold Brew coffee during a fire drill. It all felt very mysterious to me as it was something I’d only ever heard about fleetingly, and I was excited to give it a go.


I’ll preface my review by saying that I am a fan of iced coffee, but the intensity of cold brew has never appealed to me much, so I went into this encounter expecting to completely hate this drink. The first sip is definitely strong. The coffee is bitter, but not in a burned way, and surprisingly smooth. It definitely isn’t a cheap, badly made bottle of coffee. Even though my initial reaction was to screw the cap back on and never touch it again, I dared to take another taste. The more I drank, the more my palette began to open up and I didn’t just taste strong, bitter coffee. Hints of a deep, roasted chocolate flavor coupled with the intensity of the coffee make this cold brew more than average and I found I began to actually enjoy drinking it.
I only managed about a third of the bottle before I realize that this coffee is strong and not just in flavor. I’m enough of a caffeine addict that a normal cup of coffee doesn’t do much to energize me anymore but man- Uel Zing isn’t lying when they say this brew is double strength. For the first time in forever I felt the coffee jitters and had to shelve this drink in the fridge for the next morning. Overnight, the coffee retained its flavor and strength and the concentrated caffeine woke me up and got me through my work-filled day with ease.

Uel Zing’s signature Cold Brew is everything it says it is. This smooth, rich blend made me – generally a wimp when it comes to strong coffee – actually enjoy the cold drink, and the extra caffeine punch was a wake up call for someone who has become immune to its effects. If you’re in the Bloomington area (or not-they ship USA wide), and need a drink that will get you on your feet and actually tastes good then definitely seek out Uel Zing and be prepared to be very caffeinated.

Uel Zing Coffee
725 W Kirkwood Ave // Bloomington, IN
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