Iced Thin Mint Latte // Sip Coffee House

Iced Thin Mint Latte

This is probably the closest you’ll get to the Girl Scout cookie in liquid form, aside from just blending them up yourself. I’ve recently become a sucker for iced coffee drinks, which I never used to be. While it’s no Iced Honey Bee latte, this drink is still great. The flavors are much more in your face and if you’re not a fan of mint, then this one probably isn’t for you. The minty tang lingers in your mouth as you drink and when you get a bit of the chocolate syrup that is swirled within the coffee it is truly thin mint bliss. However I feel that in its iced form, this latte is lacking a little bit. The flavors don’t blend as well as they would if they were warm and the mint can, at times, be overpowering. While still a refreshing summer drink, I think Sip’s Thin Mint latte would be best enjoyed during a cold Indiana winter, curled up in a comfy chair with your favorite book. I can’t wait to try it myself in the coming seasons and report back on my feelings, mostly because I’ve already heard a glowing review on it.

On a subsequent trip to Sip with my visiting boyfriend, Daniel, (yes I made this coffeeshop a destination) he decided to try this particular latte in it’s classic state. In his own words, “The beauty of the drink comes from how perfectly the mint is infused with the coffee itself. Rather than being just coffee that is overpowered with basic mint flavoring, this latte seems to be, in a way, its own unique flavor.” His thoughts echo my previous feelings that the warmth would merry the flavors together much more seamlessly. He goes on to say that, “the Thin Mint Latte is an embodiment of what Sip strives to be in a subtle, yet splendid, way. Served in a generously large 16 oz coffee cup, this latte is aesthetically pleasing as it is delicious.”

It’s safe to say his mug was emptied relatively quickly.

I don’t think I could agree with his review more. The Thin Mint latte from Sip Coffee House  is easily a year-round drink, especially if you enjoy it both iced and warm. I’ll close this review with a sentiment Daniel stated that my feelings mirror: “I staunchly recommend it to anyone lucky enough to visit a Sip location near them.”

For more information on Sip Coffee House, click here!


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