Sip Coffee House leaves you wanting more than just a sip.

My first experience at Sip in Highland was on my 20th birthday. After hearing great things from close friends, I decided to go there for my birthday lunch with my parents. Having only looked at the menu on their Facebook pageĀ , I didn’t really know what I was about to walk into. Located in the heart of downtown Highland, Indiana, this shop is nestled in between a huge used bookstore (another favorite of mine) and an antiques dealer. The storefront is rather unassuming, although there is some outdoor seating for when the temperamental Indiana weather wants to cooperate. You do get a peek however through the massive front picture window of what lies within. As you step through the threshold, cozy vintage couches and hodgepodge tables greet you. Sip looks and feels eclectic in a way few other places can. Local artwork (all for sale) lines the walls, only adding to the hip feel and local charm.

All of the faces behind the counter are friendly and service has been prompt and helpful all of the (many) times I’ve been there.. On my birthday visit my family was even served by the owner, who was extremely welcoming. I always love to see owners of shops taking an active part in their business, and Sip is no exception. After sitting and receiving the menu, I was quickly relieved of my fear that I was going to be faced with your typical small cafe lunch fare. While their menu is mostly sandwiches (breakfast and lunch) and salads, Sip puts modern and quirky takes on each that makes them stand out from the norm. I had the grilled cheese featuring a homemade pesto, three different cheeses, and delicious toasted bread. I’m quite the picky eater but I would happily order this again and again (which makes it difficult because everything else looks delicious too). And don’t worry! If you’ve got a sweet tooth they have a whole display case filled to the brim with different cakes, cookies, and more. I personally recommend the tiramisu because why not have coffee in every part of your meal?

So finally. The coffee. Sip’s menu has everything from your basic black coffee, bubble tea, and of course, their signature lattes. This place has become quite the go-to coffee spot for my family so I’ve been able to sample quite a bit from their menu and I must say: I haven’t been disappointed yet. Sip features tons of unique flavors, and the numerous bottles of syrup behind the counter can attest to that. Hot drinks are served in all different types of mugs and cold drinks come in hipster-chic mason jars; they add a homey touch and make for quite the aesthetic photograph. I’m partial to their iced lattes and I’ve currently had five of the twelve listed. One of the unique things about Sip is that it’s fun to try something new every visit because it’s almost foolproof you’ll enjoy what you get. They marry complimentary flavors together and do it so well that you really just can’t go wrong.
I’ll link full reviews to some of my favorite drinks I’ve had at the end of the blog post, so definitely check it out!

One of Sip’s fanciful mugs and the very sturdy, yet chic, mason jar.

For you region dwellers, you’re in luck! Sip Coffee House has two locations with their Highland store being the newest. The original is located on the west side of Crown Point square. Their first location boasts a little more room, albeit more comfy chairs and couches and less tables. Per usual local artwork lines the walls and the baristas are inviting and very good at what they do.

Be sure to check out my favorite drinks from Sip Coffee House!
Iced Honey Bee Latte // Iced Thin Mint Latte

For more information, check out both of the stores’ Facebook pages:
Sip Coffee House
11 N Court Street // Crown Point, IN

Sip Coffee House (2)
2815 Jewett Street // Highland, IN




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